Alex & Siew Yen NYC Elopement


HERE IT IS!!! We are SO EXCITED 😁 to Share Siew Yen & Alex's NYC Elopement Feature Film!! So much went into the making of this and we're so proud of what we've been able to produce for our amazing couple. In 2 Days we experienced a Ring Workshop (Making Wedding Rings From Scratch) with Sam Abbay, Owner of New York Wedding Ring. SO COOL! πŸ’Ž We also had the pleasure of working with Jackie Reinking (NYC Elopement Officiant) and her Husband Sascha Reinking (NYC Elopement Photographer). Some of the fabulous locations we picked out in New York for their elopement were Jane’s Carousel and the Brooklyn Bridge in Dumbo, Brooklyn, and Times Square, Grand Central Terminal, and using the New York City Subways and taxi’s in Manhattan, NY. Siew Yen and Alex did an awesome job picking out their wedding team and the final result was truly magical. Your story is an inspiration to many, thank you for trusting us to document your special moments πŸ˜„ #Chaipherson